Olive Oil-Based Lipid Emulsion
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Personalizing The Energy Prescriptions in the Modern ICU: The Role of Indirect Calorimetry
DATE: 20 August 2020
PRESENTER: Paul Wischmeyer M.D., E.D.I.C., FASPEN, FCCM
  • Describe the international guidelines and clinical evidence regarding the use of indirect calorimetry
  • Explain the risks of over/underfeeding and the limitation of predictive equations
  • Discuss current ICU case studies, focusing on the role of Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) measurement in optimizing nutrition therapy
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Olive Oil Based Lipid Emulsion in the COVID-19 Patient and Beyond - The European Experience Webinar
DATE: 8 May 2020
PRESENTERS: Elisabeth De Waele, MD, PhD and Stephanie Dobak, MS, RD, LDN, CNSC
  • Understand SCCM/ASPEN COVID-19 guidance for ILEs
  • Highlight the value of the olive oil-based lipid emulsion in PN prescriptions across the continuum of patient care
  • Explain why olive oil-based lipid should be considered as your standard lipid emulsion
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