HELPING EMPOWER RECOVERY - the online series
PART 1: Nutrition Management of COVID-19 ICU Patients
DATE: 10 April 2020
PRESENTER(S): Robert Martindale, MD, PhD and Jayshil Patel, MD (United States)
PART 2: Restructuring Nutrition Support Services to Facilitate Care for COVID-19 Patients
DATE: 16 April 2020
PRESENTER: Ella Terblanche, RD (United Kingdom)
PART 3: Early Nutritional Supplementation in Non-ICU Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients
DATE: 23 April 2020
PRESENTERS: Dr. Alessandro Laviano and Dr. Riccardo Caccialanza (Italy)
PART 4: Addressing Nutritional Challenges of COVID-19 Patients from Assessment to Discharge
DATE: 30 April 2020
PRESENTER: Paul Wischmeyer M.D., E.D.I.C., FASPEN, FCCM (USA)
PART 5: 90 Days Post COVID-19: How Care Has Changed in the ICU
DATE: 5 June 2020
PRESENTER: Elisabeth De Waele, MD, PhD (Belgium)
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